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Pola Raya Studio is a long established model making company with a reputation for high quality and excellent service. Supported by reliable experts team and high tech equipment, we always present to you a high precision and astethic product. Our broad knowledge of model making techniques should turn your imagination and concept into fully detailed and beauty model that you can never imagine before.

Pola Raya Studio Milestone


Pola Raya Studio’s origin dates to 1982 when it was ordered to make Majapahit Plaza Model. This is the first model that Pola Raya product and considered as an important milestone for this company to enter Indonesia model making industry. In 1985, Pola Raya Studio was inaugurated as a Command Legal Entity Business, in front of the notary Sutomo Ramelan S.H. with an employee of approximately ten people. At that time, Pola Raya Studio occupies a workshop located on Jl. Ampera Raya,  gang Sosial No.44 Kemang, South Jakarta.


Due to the consumer’s acceptance and satisfication, Pola Raya Studio's model orders  climbed higher step by step.  This growth lead Pola Raya Studio to enlarge the number of employees up to + 50 people in order to maximize its production capabilities. The increasing number of employees also encouraged Pola Raya Studio to build more accommodative workshop. Therefore, for the second time, Pola Raya moved to a new location that is on Jl. Ampera III No.27A Kemang South Jakarta.

To keep pace with this such market’s expansion, Pola Raya Studio injected a fresh capital. In 1993, the company received financial assistance from BNI in the form of KMK-KUK.  Pola Raya Studio’s market penetration capability strongly related to Indonesia rapid economic growth at that time. This enabled the property sector to play a greater role in Indonesia economy. It was illustrated by flourishing construction of new office towers, luxury apartments, and corporate headquarters in Indonesia. Pola Raya Studio benefited significantly from that property booming which peaked in 1996.


Property booming that peaked in 1996 did not last long. The economic and financial crisis that has hit Indonesia in 1997 have a significant effect on property sector. These will no doubt affected most of property project. As a result, most of developers, as one of the major Pola Raya Studio clients, delayed their construction planning at that time. Pola Raya Studio also experienced a reduced demand for its products during a recession since the model is the important part of this sector. The decreasing number of model order forced Pola Raya Studio to lay off some its employees for a while.

In that such difficult situation, Pola Raya Studio made an initiative project to create Masjidil Haram model which are intended to individuals and travel and Hajj agents. This model was used for the visualization of Hajj and Umrah rituals as well as a religious iconic displyas for individuals in their home. The quality and beuty of this masjidil haram model had succesfully attracted the intention of Saudi Arabia embassy in Indonesia. The Saudi ambassador then made a special visit to Pola Raya Studio at that time to order two Masjdil Haram models directly. This Masjidil Haram model had also been certificated officialy by copyright from the minister of law and legislation of Republik Indonesia by registration number : 02 0460 dated 20 March 2000.

Along with the improvement of the Indonesian economic condition in early 2000, Pola Raya Studio also surely got a boost. To deal with the increasing number of model order, Pola Raya Studio decided to built a workshop with complete facilities in Cibubur area, East Jakarta. This workshop is equipped with sophisticated machining equipment such as lasser cutting machine. With this advanced equipment, Pola Raya Studio is able to complete all the work of making model with quantity, quality, and high speed.

It can not be denied, besides the support of high tech machine equipment, the high quality product made by Pola Raya also fundamentally comes from the skill and the performance of it workers. Therefore, since 2000 Pola Raya Studio begin to hire employees to deal with the growth of model market demand that increased again after the economic crisis. As has been marked in 2000, an increase of employees ups to 70 peoples. The number of employees slightly increased each year until reach about 170 persons in today.

A commitment to always maintain and improve product quality makes Pola Raya Studio gain more and more trust from domestic market. A Success in responding market needs as well as the ability to survive in the horrible economic conditions has naturally set up Pola Raya Studio as market leader in Indonesia model industry. Most of prominent developers in Indonesia has entrusted their model project to Pola Raya Studio. Various architectural concepts and designs of these developers project have been successfully translated by Pola Raya Studio into the form of an accurate and aesthetic model.

2009 - Now

Models made by Pola Raya Studio are able to provide an overview of a design in a clear and detailed as well as high aesthetic value. From these models, the prototype drawing model are clearly illustrated and detailed consistenly in term of developer and arcitectur outlook. Now days, Pola Raya Studio products are not only enjoyed by domestic market but also has been remarked by abroad customer.

In the domestic market, the biggest trust that polaraya achieved from the Indonesian market happened in 2009. In that year, Pola Raya Studio has been requested by Jakarta provincial government to built a mega model masterplan which is functioned as an integrated information and promotion tool of Jakarta urban planning. This mega master plan model measuring 20 x 30 m2 and become the biggest and most complete model ever for the entire DKI Jakarta territory which reaches approximately 748 km2.

Pola Raya Studio is able to realize the desire of any region throughout Indonesia to create a miniature of their respective regions. Through masterplan model, every government can promote its development plans while demonstrating the success that has been achieved to investors and society in urban planning field. By aplying the 3D model, decision and planning makers can visualize the idea of urban development plan in a clear and detailed way that can be understood by all parties.

In the context of global markets, Pola Raya Studio has successfully penetrated the Asian, European and Australian markets. Orders maket originating from the European region among others mocks Cassmasima Italy, Obidos Portugal, and Centro Leonardo UK. The maket order that comes from the Asian region among other things Shaz Hotel Oman maket, Grand Ciputra India, Grand Ciputra Vietnam, and Mahatir Malaysia. In Australia, Pola Raya gained confidence for the making of Victoria Street model.

Dengan maket tentunya para pihak akan mendapatkan persepsi yang lebih jelas demikian juga pada saat pengambil keputusan tentunya tidak ada keraguan karena segalanya terlihat dengan jelas secara detail pada maket itu. Dengan maket, berbagai pendapat yang saling bertentangan dapat disatupadukan serta dapat dievaluasi setiap saat. - Deddy Al Hurry, Direktur Polaraya Studio.


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