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Hotel architectural model are made to show a glowing image of the hotel’s features. Displaying these qualities and features are extremely important in context of inviting and attracting potential hotel guests and investment. In these models, we create several alternative of lighting effect so that we can make distinction between residential areas and commercial. This lighting is also used to stress the uniqueness of the hotel design. Our team have an expertise to reproduce completely the whole of complex details in your hotel model.  We have also an additional feature that can beautify your hotel model such as creating natural swimming pools and fountain.

As well as Hotel model, our villa models are aimed to highlight the uniqueness of the building design. Since it is almost located in tourism areas, villa models should give a comprehensive view that show a connection between building and its natural area surrounding it in term of distance and other tourism aspects. As a result, villa models are widely used by the developers to illustrate the building projects to the potential housing owners and assisting them to sell plots. Villa architectural models are usually made in big scale, for example, 1:25, 1:50. But, it can also made in smaller scale to show the surrounding environment as we explain in previous.

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