Master Plan Models

One of the greatest function of The Master Plan Models is to emphasize on architectural scale and surrounding environment. It presents the first impression of one urban planning and its design to the visitors. The Master Plan Models will give the chance for the client to present the whole thing what they want in board spectrum. For instance, we will show the typography and layout of an specific area in detail, such as blocks, landmarks, and key zones. Therefore, this model is very helpful especially for the government to explain its urban planning design to the community. Many notable urban planning project models are undertaken by Pola Raya Studio including DKI Jakarta Mega Master Project Model that has an extremely huge dimension. This model can be visited now in Jakarta City Planning Gallery in Abdul Muis street, Great Jakarta. 

In common, the scale of the Master Plan Model is normally from 1:500 to 1:2000. For real estate investment and sales, property developers more want the Master Plan Model to reflect the region’s relations to its surroundings’ future development, infrastructure, traffic, and facilities etc. This kind of presentation is important for property customer as well as developers. Herein, a scale from 1:200-1:500 is often utilized.

Pola Raya Studio Master Plan Model Projects

We’ve created industrial models for many architects, developers, and corporations, including those listed below:
  • Ciputra City
  • Jababeka
  • Kota Delta Mas
  • Kota Baru Parahiyangan
If you would like to see additional photos of a specific project or a specific type of industrial model, please contact us.

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