Public Facilities

Public facilities such as telecommunication towers, water tanks, schools, airport, bridge, stadium are required to be located and constructed consistent with the comprehensive plan. For this instance, the public facilities model is required to deal with this objective in term how it can show the interconnectivity between object and its surrounding environment including public accessibility. On top of that, the important aspect is that models should highlight the uniqueness and functionality as of these public facilities architectural design. Whether the facility is a community recreation, student gymnasium, or stadium, we believe that the design must serve needs of all who enjoy them and present the aesthetic values so that can attract public or community to use these facilities.

The important of public facility design can be seen in stadium. New stadiums are popping up since the sport is becoming increasingly popular. Since the design is playing a critical role, the stadium architectural model has two main functions. The first is to express the design concept of the stadium. The second is displaying the functionality including stadium seating plan to the audience or enter and exit gate plan.


Public Facilities

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